Subtitled: I like this spoon SO much, I might give it to myself!

Or maybe even: an ode to a spoon.

Since taking these photos, numerous blog posts have written themselves in my head, pondering different things I could talk about. Ultimately they have all been discarded – or stashed for a later date. Because what I really want to do is show this spoon off to the world, and share with you all its subtle beauties.

It’s a first for me – chipcarving. Carved engraving. Whatever you want to call it. Something I’ve never quite plucked up the courage to do before. But this spoon deserved it. What beautiful flowing lines and wonderfully balanced form! Just asking for that little something extra.

This spoon is one of my best yet.

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  1. Looks great. What I love is that the close up shows your thumb nail, and the two little nicks where you test the sharpness of your blade….just as I do after freshly stropping my blades.

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