A sexy new leather knife sheath

So while I was away in America, I got a message from my lovely other half. “I’m getting you a present” I was told, “it’s black and leather and will make you look super sexy.”

Best. Present. Ever.

It’s made by a lovely lady who I am now very keen to meet, Ruth Pullan. I highly recommend checking her stuff out, it’s beautiful. Such an amazing slick sense of style, and the craftwork is spectacular. I’ve dabbled in a little leatherworking in my time, and for anyone else who has I’m sure you’ll appreciate all the more her spotless seams and immaculate stitching. And the leather is simply divine!! Combined with the white of the stitches and the creamy natural edge..

Ahem. I’ll maybe rein my gushing in now!

For a sense of scale, that’s a mora 106 in it. And wowee what a lucky knife.

Rather than a traditional belt loop, it’s got a little loop fastened with a popper. So I can clip it to anything and not just a belt. Useful for those of us who rarely wear belts!

And now my woodworking knife shall travel everywhere with me, in outstanding style.

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