Welcome to my world of trees and the wonderful objects that can be created from them. Take a look around.


I've been carving spoons since I was young, learning from my father, craftsman Robin Wood, and all the wonderful spoons from around the world that filled our home and we used every day.

I love working with the natural flow of the grain of freshly felled wood and creating beautiful curves and facets in my spoons. I'm on an endless journey chasing perfection, making spoons that both look beautiful and fit perfectly in the hand and mouth!

You can find my recent creations in my shop or take a look at my gallery to see pictures of work in progress.


My latest adventure is learning to make traditional British clogs, apprenticed to the last traditional clogmaker in the country. I hope that one day you will be able to enjoy what I get to every day, wearing a pair of bespoke clogs hand cut to fit your feet.

Keep an eye out for progress updates (and my many other adventures!) on my blog, or for bite-sized picture updates try my instagram.