JoJo Carves a Spoon a Day #6


218mm x 41mm

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“JoJo Carves a Spoon a (work) Day” is a project that spanned 3 weeks in September 2018. I carved one spoon every work day, to reinvigorate my interest in spoons and explore new designs. The results show a journey through design, and are a true reflection of my emotional journey as I continued through the project.

This is the sixth piece in that project, carved from lightly spalted rowan wood. This beautiful long handled spoon was designed as a ‘tasting spoon’, with a long handle and a deep curve, perfect for tasting your food as you cook. It would also excell at getting things from the bottom of jars. It has been finished with a crisp toolmarks from a razor sharp knife that will grow ever more beautiful with age, and sealed with a coat of raw, food grade linseed oil, to protect it.

Look after your wooden spoons – wash them gently in hot soapy water and leave them to dry. Don’t put them in the dishwasher!

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