new year, new blog, new axe.

Welcome to the first post of my new blog!

It’s my birthday today, and my wonderful father got me an axe.

It’s sexy and shiny and wonderful and everything I could have ever asked for, and what surprised me the most was that I’d actually used it before…

It didn’t look like this when I used it though. No, it was an ugly piece of kit the like of which I wouldn’t be seen outside with. Originally it was a Bahco axe – you may have seen them before? They look like this –

It’s an ugly looking thing, right? Costing around only £15 it’s what you expect, really. The thing is, it actually works remarkably well (once sharpened – it comes blunt as anything). While not as nicely balanced as a Gransfors Bruks carving axe, the cutting edge is almost as long, and it weighs considerably less.
As a friend said on facebook –

Nothing says,”I love you,” more than a well balanced axe as a gift. Better than diamonds any day.

I’m inclined to agree.

I look forward to spending much more time with this beautiful tool making many more spoons to share with you.

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  1. I had better answer that one since it was a present it was done in secret. Most of the metal was cut with regular dips in water to keep the temper and then the profile finished and the polishing done on the linisher down to 360 grit with the final polish on the buffing wheel.

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