Bowl Carving

I’ve always fancied being able to use an adze. Especially since I’ve been doing more spooncarving it’s seemed to be a very valuable skill – when used properly it it is to a spoon knife what an axe is to a straight knife. So when Rob had a spare space on one of his courses, and I had an empty week I jumped at the chance.

 It was a lovely group and we produced some stunning work, as well as learning some pretty handy techniques – including adzing, hurrah! I’m expecting my spooncarving to now speed up by roughly 182%

I also discovered a new tool which I found rather enjoyable-

A beautifully sharp chisel and some beautifully clean green lime wood results in one of the most pleasurable woodchip-making experiences I have ever had.

At the end of day three I’ve produced two bowls and a heck of a lot of blisters.

The first bowl was relatively simple, and primarily a learning experience. The second one was an attempt to copy a bowl which has lived in my kitchen for many years now, and I find very pleasing. A duck bowl. I’m very happy with both, and shall be going to bed tonight sore but satisfied!

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  1. Great gouge. Is that from Nic Westerman? Is that his name?
    I.was thinking about buying that one. Great to.see another female.wood worker. Keep at it. Great work!

  2. You, young lady, are a class act !!

    Here's to your continued and ongoing success.

    TY for preserving the art and the craft of the Clog Maker !!

    Proud of you and those who've been teaching you !!

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