Away adventuring..

I’ve been away! I’ve done more things and met more people over the past couple of months than I could ever possibly fit in a single blog post, so you can expect a few over the coming days….

My adventures begin one gloomy Friday evening in April, sprawled on my sofa on my laptop getting absolutely nothing done, as I’ve been doing for most of the year. On a whim I started composing an email to someone who needs no introduction, Mike Abbott… A few hours later I received my reply.

Sure thing, I’d love to have you, how does Monday sound?!

And so within 48 hours I was packed and away to the woods, and I’ve been busy ever since. It’s been a marvellous roller-coaster of playing with sharp things, meeting great people and all round fun and shenanigans..

I had a wonderful group for my first course, and they made some amazing chairs (with expert advice, of course!).

As well as making progress on my own first chair, I also got roped into re-seating an old chair of Mike’s…

Although a little time-consuming, it was wonderfully challenging to my brain as well as my dexterity. I’m hooked.

Before I’m allowed to join the Seat Weaving Society of East Herefordshire, I have to start wearing glasses and a bushy grey beard.. I wonder if I could get away with a knitted one?!

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