The most inspirational spoon of 2014

I want to share a spoon with you. I’m not calling it the best spoon of the year, but it is by a long shot the most inspirational spoon. It’s made by a lovely Swedish chap called Olov. He’s not a spoon carver. He’s a shepherd. He simply spends his evenings carving away the time. And makes some of the most beautiful spoons I’ve ever seen.
I was lucky enough to meet him this summer when he came over to visit Spoonfest. He put a few of his spoons out in the spoonshop for people to buy and I saw this spoon and fell in love. At a glance it’s incredibly plain and simple and doesn’t jump out at all, especially next to his selection of wonderful earthy painted spoons. But as I was rummaging through them all and giving them a good fondle, I noticed what makes it quite so special.

Chipcarving. On the reverse of the spoon! There’s a lot of chip carving around in the spoon world at the minute, and most of it doesn’t take my fancy. It can be excessively elaborate and confuse the eye to the shapes of the spoon. But not this chip carving. This blends beautifully and acts as just a little accent to the lovely crisp edges of the spoon. And it’s hidden away on the back. With the front holding Olov’s makers mark.

It’s like a spoon turned upside down. It’s not showy, it’s subtle and clever and elegant and everything I want in a spoon. This is what chip carving should be. And it’s now become a firm favourite breakfast spoon.

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  1. Totally agree with your view on chip carving, apart from the fact I can't do it anyway. Lines that enhance are far more important in the 'simple' spoon. Great buy

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