Intro to Spoon Carving – February 2017


?February 15th – 17th

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?February 15th – 17th

In this two and a half day introduction to spoon carving we will cover all the skills necessary to fill your home with beautiful and useful wooden objects. From tree to spoon, I’ll guide you through safe and efficient use of the three simple tools you need for this craft – an axe, a knife and a spoon knife. We’ll focus on good technique and efficiency, helping you carve great wooden spoons with ease. Yes, you are definitely strong enough to use an axe!

At the end of the course you’ll be leaving with a fist full of spoons to use in your kitchen and all the skills you need to carry on carving at home.

The course runs 2 – 5pm on the Wednesday, then 9.30 – 4.30pm the following two days. Included in the course price is a simple vegetarian lunch, use of a wide range of tools, and all the tree you could wish for!

The location is in the village hall in Edale, Derbyshire. Easily accessible by the Sheffield-Manchester train line, or plenty of accommodation to be found?here.

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