Plum Spoon 9


174 x 55mm

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I love this spoon. I love everything about it. I have completely lost myself while carving it. It is reminiscent of some of my earlier works. Brought up to date. The bold facets across the back of the bowl are exceptional. Asymmetric and perfectly balanced. The curves of the handle bring joy to my heart. It will be hard to say goodbye to this spoon.

This eating spoon?has been carved from plum wood. A hard, dense, beautiful wood.?Hard to carve, the results make it worth it.

My eating spoons are hand carved to perfectly balance form and function. A lifetime of experience has gone into ensuring they perform to their peak potential. Every single curve and line is paid special attention. They are finished with a razor-sharp knife, ensuring crisp smooth surfaces that will grow ever more beautiful with age.

Although they are designed and labeled as ?eating spoons?, they work equally well as serving spoons.

Carved from locally sourced plum wood and finished with cold pressed linseed oil.

Note – this spoon is a large spoon. Suitable as an eating spoon for those who enjoy large portions. Otherwise you may find it better suited to a serving spoon.

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